Independent Boss Burgers open rebranded pizza restaurant on King's Road

The Secret Pizza Co. in Harrogate (s)
The Secret Pizza Co. in Harrogate (s)

An independent burger restaurant on King's Road has decided to re-brand after witnessing the recent influx of chain restaurants in the town centre.

The popular Boss Burgers announced on Facebook earlier this month that they would be implementing a concept change after the "saturation" of the burger market.

As a result, the company has now relaunched as 'The Secret Pizza Co' and will make its grand opening in Harrogate later today (Wednesday)

Despite Boss Burgers' popularity, the company said they had taken the decision to rebrand as a preemptive move following the recent arrivals of Five Guys and Byron Burgers.

Adam Kettering, managing director of Boss Burgers, said that independent restaurants in Harrogate were now under increased pressure following the emergence of "several large chains".

He said: "We just thought that, with the recent influx of chain restaurants in Harrogate, what's the point of sitting around and waiting to get swallowed up by them.

"The council seem to have gone a bit mad letting them all open up. It's a shame we've had to shut down but this has happened to a lot of other independent restaurants here.

"Very good restaurants have gone under because of a lack of football. From a business perspective, this a preemptive move."

The Secret Pizza Co. pop up began in the company's Hyde Park restaurant in Leeds, delivering "delicious, hand made quality pizzas using the freshest ingredients".

Mr Kettering said the company had been looking to turn the successful pop up into a restaurant and the Harrogate site appeared to be the "perfect opportunity" to do so.

He said: "I know Boss Burgers was very popular in Harrogate but I think there's a gap in the market for what we have changed the business in to.

"I'm surprised that so many burger places have opened up here. There were other independent burger restaurants before us but the chains opening has diluted the market place.

"There's nobody really doing what we're doing now and, from a customer perspective we will still be making fresh products at a decent price."

The Harrogate Advertiser launched its 'Love Our Indies' campaign in March this year which highlighted the challenges that the town's independents were facing.

Many businesses signaled the sudden emergence of chain restaurants as their greatest obstacle with Yo Sushi! Ask, CAU, Las Iguanas just some of those that have opened this year.

"I'm very surprised at how many chains have been able to open up in such a short space of time but I suspect the council have a plan behind it," Mr Kettering said.

"We could do with a bit more support from the council but what does help is there is a good level of support between the independents who recommend each other and support each other.

"There's no competition between them and we have to continue working like this.

"It's good that the Advertiser has picked up on this because it brings the issue to people's attention, as well as the council's."