In today's Harrogate Advertiser: Public's views on town centre's future

Harrogate town centre.
Harrogate town centre.

In shops now - what Harrogate people think of their own town in the latest print edition of the Harrogate Advertiser.

Exclusive - six fascinating pages of results from our hugely popular Town Centre Survey. What do the public think of Harrogate's future?
When we launched the survey with its 15 wide-ranging questions nearly four weeks ago, we had no idea what to expect in terms of the reaction.
We suspected there would be interest. Afterall, local organisations and business groups are already busy working towards possible changes for the town centre.
In total, this newspaper received 850 completed surveys.
In today's Harrogate Advertiser (August 30 print edition) we reveal what Harrogate people think about their town centre and what changes they would like.

The highly revealing answers address matters like:
How often do you shop online?
Would you support more pedestrianisation?
What do you think of Harrogate's independent shops, bars, cafes and restaurants?
Would you support more public events in the town centre?

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