WATCH: How to make a perfect Bettys pancake

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It’s a harbinger of spring and a day when Christian tradition has it that we should be absolved of our sins before Lent.

But, for many, a more traditional argument on Shrove Tuesday is what is the right and proper filling for your pancake.

Picture Jonathan Gawthorpe.

Picture Jonathan Gawthorpe.

For some, there’s no question it should be something sweet, with lemon and sugar or even syrup among the more traditional favourites.

But, in modern multi-cultural Britain, savoury pancakes are becoming equally popular and fillings more usually associated with omelettes are finding their way onto plates.

There is an argument for both, as the tradition stems from a requirement to eat as many foods high in fat as possible in order help the body cope with the fasting usually associated with Lent.

So we asked the expert chefs at Bettys Cookery School in Harrogate to show us how they cook a perfect pancake. Click the screen to watch.

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