Harrogate GCSEs 2014: St Aidan’s Church of England High School

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Spirits were high at St Aidan’s Church of England High School today as some impressive GCSE results were collected.

Both students and staff wore broad smiles of satifaction at the school’s achievement.

St Aidan’s certainly outdid itself, improving by five per cent on last year’s figure of students reaching five A* to C results, reaching 87 per cent.

Equally outstanding is the number of students obtaining at least a C grade in English language, which this year came to a staggering 97 per cent - a record-breaking statistic for the school.

These astonishing figures also reflected an ambition to go on to further study in a variety of subjects.

Lena Picton, 16, said: “I will be going to the sixth form here to study the sciences because I want to do medicine.”

And her friend Hannah Mcdonough said: “I want to do psychology, so I’ll be going to sixth form as well.”

These students and many others will surely be welcomed by St Aidan’s headteacher John Wood, who was thrilled with the results.

And, once they return from their celebrations, many of them travelling to the Leeds Festival in their wellies straight after collecting their grades, they can begin to think of what will no doubt be bright futures.

He said: “I am absolutely delighted to say the students have come up trumps and worked hard all through the year and they have been rewarded with some quite outstanding results.

“The success in particular in English is outstanding with 97 per cent of students obtaining a C or above in English language, which is a record-breaking statistic for the school.

“But at the same stage we are delighted to say the bench mark figure which the government looks at at the present moment of five A* to C in English and maths was this year 87 per cent - an improvement of 5 per cent on last year.

“So as you can imagine the students were happy, the staff were happy, and the school is happy with what has been achieved, and we now look forward to the students staying with us and continuing with their studies at A level.”




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